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About Us

Welcome to Luxury Bloom Collection. We're a small business, committed to providing stunning floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression. Each arrangement is lovingly handcrafted to help make your special moments blossom forever and beautifully accessorise your interior space. 

Our roses are grown and ethically sourced in Ecuador, South America. Ecuadorian Roses are renowned for their size, structure and aesthetics. At the peak of their bloom, our roses undergo a unique preservation process to maintain their natural shape and beauty. This preservation process allows the roses to last beyond a year when care instructions are followed. 

We then place our roses in signature recyclable boxes that are produced using premium quality, eco-friendly materials. Your box can be retained as a permanent memento; even after you've enjoyed its stunning presentation of your roses for a year. We endeavour to fulfil every order with the care and attention befitting of luxury, and we strive to extend those qualities to our partners. We only deliver flowers that have been produced in environments where workers are cared for and respected. You can rest assured that each arrangement you buy has contributed to fair trade with the communities who are indispensable to our mission: to bring you floral luxury that lasts. 

Flowers epitomise the timeless beauty of nature. People receive flowers to celebrate the most treasured moments of their lives, and to beautify their everyday moments. At Luxury Bloom Collection, we're here to make your special moments blossom forever and add a touch of lasting luxury to your daily life.