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What are preserved roses? 

Preserved roses are 100% real roses that undergo a preservation process shortly after being harvested. When fresh roses are at the peak of their bloom, they are cut and the sap is replaced by a natural and sustainable blend of glycerin and other plant elements. This process enables the roses to maintain their shape and beauty for a substantially longer time period. 

How long do preserved roses last? 

Preserved roses last up to a year or more, depending on the environmental conditions. With the correct care, preserved roses can maintain their beauty for years. 

Are the roses ethically sourced? 

Yes, our roses are ethically sourced in Ecuadorian farms which comply with social and environmental standards. Our roses are Flor Ecuador Certified®. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are supporting fair labour. 

How do I care for my roses? 

Please see the Product Care page of our website to find this information. Each order will also include a product care card. 

Can I remove the roses from the box? 

No, please do not remove the roses from the box as this is their home. Removing the roses from the box will damage the arrangement. 


Can I add a personalised note to my order? 

Yes, please state exactly what you would like on the note on the product page. 

Will you include an invoice with my order? 

We do not include physical invoices with orders as we are aware that our arrangements may be received as gifts. However, you will receive an invoice via email or SMS after placing an order with us.

Can I request a bespoke arrangement?

For enquiries regarding bespoke arrangements, or to request a mix of rose colours, please contact us directly via email at or direct message us on Instagram: @luxurybloomcollection.